The Four Morning Routines Of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Focus first

There’s an argument for doing your most important work first, and many entrepreneurs swear by this practice. Before the sun has risen, before the kids have woken up and before anyone has tried to call; just you and your deep, focused, most important work.

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Mind matters

Many entrepreneurs I heard from use the morning to create an optimal headspace and get in the right frame of mind, sometimes in novel ways. “I have Alexa wake me up with a ‘Hello gorgeous’ message and a positive saying every morning, which puts a smile on my face”, said Shilpa Panchmatia, business coach to entrepreneurs. “I then hit the yoga mat for a Zoom class, after which I feel more energised and positive, especially when the days are freezing cold and dark.

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Creating connections

People first, profits second. Many entrepreneurs interviewed spent the morning improving their relationships. Whether that was with those with whom they lived or further afield, their first few waking hours were spent sharing experiences or reaching out.

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Healthy habits

Those who don’t make time for their wellness will one day be forced to make time for their sickness. Entrepreneurs who wake up and work out see benefits in all areas of their life. Whether it’s hitting the roads for a run, a round of stretching before sitting down or making only nutritious food for breakfast, a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a healthy business is sure to follow.

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